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I Have Oily Skin; What Natural Products Can I Use?

I have Oily Face. What Can I Use?

Heres one question I’ve been asked quite frequently; if lets say someone has oily skin; what should they use if they want to use something natural.

Its a common mistake where people think that natural product is only for people with dry and sensitive skin whilst if someone has oily skin; they have no choice but to use commercial product. Its not true you know!

Just because natural products are made using oils; it doesn’t mean that its gonna make your skin oily or more acne etc; its the exact opposite if you ask me.


Now flashback to those time when you were a teenager. You had acne just like every other teenager (of if you were lucky you just had plain oily skin without any breakout). 

Do you realize those days there were ads everywhere for teenagers? Some commercial where the person in the ads had oily skin and zits and after using some salicylic acid cleanser; their pimples got away. And that time; everyone will go and buy that product and use it.

When using it; the face is squeky clean. You will even feel the ‘pull’ initially. But not even 20-30 mins later; your skin became oily again. So what do you do? You wash again of course! And the whole cycle continues


Now lets go into the basic; did you know that your skin is a living thing? Well this is what happens; when you apply something that is ‘strong’ most of the time those strong surfactants would strip of dirt but at the same time would strip off our natural oils as well. The tightening feeling you get is actually just that (your skin tightening because its feeling dry). 

Since the skin tightens; the brain would instruct our oil gland on the skin to produce more oil to combat the dry skin; resulting in more oil production; making us feel like we have oily skin just about 20-30 mins later.

And what do we do; we continue washing it causing more and more oil to be released.

So what to do instead?

Use a more milder cleanser. Really! I know you may feel like you didnt clean your face enough but trust me its more than enough. Dont believe? Try using these milder cleanser for a month and notice the difference. 

Really there is nothing toi loose. You already have oily skin and breakouts. The worst can happen is nothing changes; but the best; you may be able to help regulate your skin and you will have ‘normal’ instead of oily skin in the future:-)

Just use a mild cleanser that doesnt have sulphate:-)

Heres a basic recipe on how to make a mild cleanser that also helps in brightening and reducing scars (great if you have acne scars too) —> 

Brightening Strawberry Cleanser

Hope this helps


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