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Basic Thing You Need To Do When Formulating (water based or oil based product)

 Few years ago; when i first started formulating (mayb 12 years ago? Hmm i cant really remember) there was this one important thing that i learned; to distinguish if the product i was making is oil based or water based.

One of the things that many don't realise is that its two different things and you cant simply mix them up to have a stable product. Every ingredients needs to be classified and every ingredients are either water based; or oil based.

In formulation; its called anhydrous (non water soluble, oil soluble ingredient), or hydrous (water soluble ingredients).

When you are formulating something using all anhydrous product; it would mean you would add only oil soluble ingredients in it. Example of ingredients include; carrier oils, butters, essential oils, beeswax and so on. The products are usually ointments, balms etc.

As for water soluble ingredients; its usually ingredients like glycerin, water (obviously), floral waters, liquid extracts, d-panthenol and so on. Products that are 100% water based are like toners; serums and so on.

When you are making a product that contains water; always make sure you add preservertive. Its not an option! Its a must. Read here on why you must put preservatives in water soluble products. 

If its anhydrous product; then you dont need to add preservatives because microbes cant live in all oil environment (they cant breathe and so they suffocate and die even before they could reproduce). 

So if you are a newbie; what should you do first? Well for me; the easiest is to make a anhydrous product. Coz its literally just that and its easier.

Here try making this 3 ingredients balm for your first product. Its simple; and really useful. you should have most of the ingredients available in your house but if you dont; you could always order it here.

Good luck:-)soa


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