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How To Make Vitamin C Body Wash For Dry Skin (Inspired By Chinese New Year Theme)

 hi guys.

few days ago i asked our followers in insta and fb about what their biggest problem is during this MCO 2.0 in Malaysia; and most said their dry skin is back. Some on lips, some on scalp, and mostly on body.

And so today i would like to share with you how to make vitamin C body wash inspired by chinese new year :-D (just because we are stuck at home doesnt mean we cant celebrate isnt it. So lets celebrate in the shower hehe)

This recipe we did share it last year but this year i would like to make it with a twist. 

Now before going into details about the recipe; let me mention why dry skin happens. As usual it happens usually because of there is lack of moisture; but in this case; its also aggravated by stress. 

I know we all shouldn't be stressed and doing everything in the world to destress; however wether we like it or not; this pandemic is a major stress in our life; and its causing anxiety inside without us knowing:-( 

and so because of that; though we cant do much about the inner anxiety; we can moisturise the skin more. Even more than usual.

As you know; most of our body cleanser containes surfactants that are strong like SLS and other sulphate based products.

All of them though it may work during 'normal' time; we are now mostly staying at home; which means we dont really need to 'clean' so much coz we are not that 'dirty'. Due to that; when using these sulphate based cleanser; they would overclean our skin; causing it to remove our natural oil.

So what to do? move to a less cleansing bodywash; which is what this recipe is all about:-) 

additionally; if you want a faster release from this super duper dry skin; you could also add on moisturiser. 

Since i love it to be a set; i would want all to smell the same :-D. and so i would share the recipe on how to make the moisturiser below.

Vitamin C? well its an antioxidant. so if you had marks from all the itch and scratching; this would definitely help.

You can read more about vitamin C in this article ive written previously (click here)

Who should Use This Body Wash?

  1. people with sensitive skin
  2. People with itchy skin disease like eczema or psoriasis
  3. People with scars from itchy skin condition (may help lighten with long usage)
  4. Babies above 6 months old & pregnant women
  5. People with normal to dry skin who wants natural solution.

Who Shouldnt Use This Soap

  1. Those who wants fast results (this is natural will take sometime)
  2. Those with known allergies to the ingredients
  3. Those who are active (this soap is very mild. May have to soap yourself more than once) 

Formulation (Body Wash)

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Coconut Liquid Soap Base  
  2. 10g Orange Essential Oil (can change to something else too)
  3. 50g Vitamin C
  4. 0.5g Saffron Mica (Optional)
  5. 10g Glycerin

Formulation (Body Wash)

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Jojoba Lotion Base
  2. 5g Orange Essential Oil (can change to something else too. can add more for stronger smell too)
  3. 50g Vitamin C
  4. 0.5g Saffron Mica (Optional)
  5. 10g Glycerin

Video On How To Make:

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