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FREE Recipe: Exfoliating & Brightening Tamarind Face Toner (Asam Jawa)

Hi. This week we will be making Tamarind Toner and i thought of sharing the recipe here with you.

As mentioned in yesterday’s article (click here); tamarind is filled with all these AHA that are perfect for removing dead skin cells and also antioxidants that are great for scars and marks. 

In tamarind extract; there is also abundant of beta carotene making it perfect for those who has acne or those that needs anti-aging like effect.

Added also in this recipe is my personal favorite AHA; the glycolic acid. That comes naturally from cane sugar and its much gentler form of AHA as compared to the others; making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. 

Ive added AHA in this recipe because though tamarind itself contains the AHA; i dont feel its enough (since its natural we dont really know the dose in it) and therefore after testing; the added AHA product made a better dead cells remover than tamarind itself. So why not:-D you can opt not to add it in and see for yourself if you like it:-)

The scent that ive added is sage leaf scent. Again its optional for you:-)

Who Should Use This?

  1. Someone With Scars
  2. Someone With Pigmentation
  3. Someone With Black Heads and Big Pores
  4. Someone Who Wants To Exfoliate
  5. Someone With Oily Combination Skin
  6. Someone With Acne Skin

Who Shouldnt Use This Toner?

  1. Someone Who Wants Fast Results
  2. Someone Who Has Very Dry Skin (glycolic may not be suitable. Test first)
  3. Someone Who Has Known Allergic To These Ingredients

Recipe To Make 1 kg

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Exfoliating Toner Base
  2. 5g Tamarind Liquid Extract
  3. 5g Scent of choice (optional)
  4. 2g Color (optional)

Video On How To Make

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