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Formulating For Hair VS Skin. How Different Can It Be?


In this week’s formulation section; we will be talking about the difference between skin (scalp) and hair.

Ive mentioned before about how our skin is ‘alive’ and have its own cell and ‘mind’ while hair is dead before but let me rephrase that again.

Skin is Alive; Hair Is Dead

Our skin; is alove. And so when we use any product on it; and if it doesnt like it; it will send a feedback to the brains about how it doesnt like it so the brains can do something about it. The skin itself will also show some kind of reactions so that when we see or feel it; we will know like owh; it doenst like it!

This is including reactions like rashes, redness, tight feeling etc. All these are reactions that our skin gives to alert us that ‘hey, dont use this coz i dont like it’ and so hopefully we dont use it next time.

Hair on the other hand; doesnt have these kind of negative feedback. Wether it likes it or not; we dont really get any reaction from it until its too late (like when its really dry with split ends, or hair fall like crazy, or brittle hair and so on). All these are the lomng term ‘side effect’ of using some product. Its probably after using it for years that one would notice such conditions.

Hence the reason when it comes to making or DIYing; we need to take all this into consideration. I can easily say that making hair products takes a more longer ‘studying’ vs making skin related products.

Neutral vs Positive negative charge.

For one; when you are making a skincare product; it doesnt really matter the pH it is in. Because our skin knows how to adjust it. 

For hair on the other hand; it must be in lower pH. Using something thats higher pH will result in frizz. And so usually when someone uses the cold process soap to shampoo their hair; they would initially feel the ‘static’ feeling, but it can easily be reduced by rinsing hair with acidic conditioner/ vinegar/ lemon etc.

Cosmeceuticals And Essential Oils.

Another thing that doesnt make sense to do is applying cosmeceuticals and essential oils on hair; because its not gona make any difference really!

As i mentioned above; your hair is dead; so these ingredients usually can really penetrate the hair anymore so its kind of a waste to add these expensive ingredients in.

However; if you apply them on scalp; then its a different story all together as scalp is alive (aka skin); therefore it can give the same benefits as it would if one applies it on skin.


Similarly; the effect of oil on hair is similar to cosmeceuticals. It coats the hair; but it cant really penetrate in. So instead of nourishing and making the hair healthier; what oils are gona do is just coating the hair until your next wash.

The worst; it also makes your hair ‘heavier’ and oily resulting in not so nice looking hair:-(

And so; as you can see; there is a lot of difference between formulating something for hair; and formulating something for skin. So the next time you are formulating; do take all these into account. Do not use something thats for skin on hair because it may ruin your hair (unless you are using it for scalp and not hair; hair)

Im looking o start a hair formulation business course soon (ive been sitting on it for years:-(). But hopefully it should be out soon now that we can start teaching classes again (post MCO).

Checkout our existing classes here

Wish me luck:-)


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