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How To Make Glass Skin Series Using Malaysian Herbs: Piper Betle Brightening Facial Cleanser


Hi good morning guys.

Today i would like to share with you our first Malaysian Herbs Glass Skin Series; The Piper Betle Brightening Facial Cleanser.

Now as ive mentioned in yesterday’s article; the piper betle; most commonly known as Sireh is perfect as melanin deactivation ; therefore resulting in fairer skin. (You can read about melanin and whitening here)

And its also antibacterial; giving great effect to those who have pus like acne. There are many more benefits like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory which ive listed in the article. You can read all about it here.

Now back to making this product; ive decided to make glass skin; similar with our last year’s Glass skin product because we had tremendous results from our users and so the base; we will stick to what worked; we are just changing the extracts by using more Malaysian/ Asian herbs.

I personally believe Malaysia has a lot to give and we should start supporting local / asian stuff. I myself have been studying the pharmacology of the plant and the chemistry and truthfully; they are comparable (or even better) than the commonly used extracts (like berries, pomegranate etc).

So back to this cleanser.

The person i had in mind when formulating this product has either one of these conditions

Person Who Can Use 

  1. Someone with Acne (or)
  2. Someone with Sensitive Skin (or)
  3. Someone who got pigmentation or scars and needs lightening
  4. Someone with itchy skin condition like eczema or psoriasis

Person Who Cant Use

If the person has any of these condition below; they shouldn't use it:
  1. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredients
  2. Someone who wants fast results (this will take longer because its mostly naturally derived)
Added into this product is also niacinamide (vitamin B3). It is shown to be an effective cosmeceutical addition for brightening purposes therefore im adding it in too. You can read more about it here 

Recipe to make 1Kg Facial Cleanser

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Facial Cleanser
  2. 20g Niacinamide Powder
  3. 5g Piper Betle Liquid Extract
  4. 1-2g Color (Optional)
  5. 5g Scent Of Choice (we added palm & aloe FO as it smells fresh)

Video On How To Make It:

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