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How To Make Exfoliating Face Polish For Korean Glass Skin Glow

hi guys.
today we will be continuing with our glass skin series product; and today let me introduce our 9th product; A face polish.

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and today; the 9th product is an exfoliating deep cleansing Fig Face Polish!

If you look at the korean skincare; they emphasise a lot in cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. Each and every product does a specific 'job' and when all of them are used together; it will give you a glowy face that looks very hydrated, plump, and clean. in-fact; This glass skin series by Fresshhh since it was made for people with sensitive skin and ageing skin; it also helps in reducing pigmentation, and acne scars. 

Actually; it was made for my skin :-D i couldnt fins a skincare product that was perfect for me and i was sick of trying out different things. so with the pharmaceutical knowledge i had; and by reading all the latest cosmeceutical clinical trials; i decided to make my own. So far; touch wood everything does exactly what its suppose to do. Which brings me to the 9th product.
Now this 9th product; was something that i didnt really want to do. i thought that the juniper toner was enough for exfoliating dead skin. But turns out because most of the other products are moistursing and it produces lots of collagen and ramping up skin productions on our skin; i have no choice but to add this into the series.
This face polish is to be used 2-3 times a week only (not daily) and its meant to be deep cleansing.
Use it after your facial cleanser for deep cleansing effect.

In this face polish; ive aded AHA (glycolic acid); a natural exfoliant derived from cane sugar which works to strip off dead skin. Also added in is fig extract.

Fig is an anti oxidant and it works by helping the skin combating with UV rays and helps lightens scars. it also helps in skinpigmentation and hydration. Therefore it was a perfect addition for those with sensitive and dry skin. 

Who Should Use This Product?

  1. Someone with scars
  2. Someone with pigmentation
  3. Someone with black heads and big pores
  4. Someone who wants to exfoliate.
  5. All skin type. If you have dry skin exfoliate twice a week, oily skin 3-4 times a week.

Who Shouldn’t Use This Product?

  1. Someone who wants fast results (this is natural and mild)
  2. Someone who has very very dry skin (glycolic may not be suitable)
  3. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredient

Recipe To Make 1kg Face Polish:

  1. 600g SoapLab’s Whipped Body Butter Base 
  2. 400g Fine Granulated Sugar  
  3. 10g Fig & Lychee Fragrance Oil  
  4. 50g Fig Extract 
  5. 20g Glycolic Acid 
  6. 20g Glycerin 

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