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Almond Shower Oil: Trying out different Formula (part 2)

 Hi guys.

As ive mentioned in the past post; i wanted to remake the Loccitane’s Almond Shower Oil as that was the most asked product in the poll i did sometime ago in our Instagram and Facebook.

So anyways; last week i purchased the product and had reviewed the ingredients (click here to read the part 1 post).

Thsi week; i decided to go ahead and try out the formula; remaking it using what i had.

I want to try to make the product as naturally derived as possible and at the same time using ingredients that are easily found in Malaysia. And therefore; some ingredients may not be the same.

So heres the list of ingredient of the original Almond shower oil. 

From their website (minus whatever thats probably 1% and below)


The ingredients that i used 

  1. Grape seed oil (similar to the original ingredient)
  2. Sodium Laureth Carboxylate- changed with Tipa Laureth Sulfate because this is the only ingredient i has that was liquid form. 
  3. Glyceryl Cocoate- changed with laureth 3 as emulsifier
  4. Hydrogenated castor oil- changed with laureth 3 as emulsifier as well
  5. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (similar to the original ingredient
  6. SoapLab’s Almond Fragrance Oil- get similar scent as Loccitane’s Almond Shower Oil.

The Result:

I got similar testure; only problem, i couldnt get it to be clear as in its not transparent:-( it was quite cloudy. 

Verdict: Not satisfactory!

Why was it cloudy?

As you know; oil and water when it mixes; it creates an ‘emulsion’ causing cloudiness. Oil when its pure; its transparent. Water when its pure; its transparent. Mix both of this together; cloudy.

Now; though theoretically there isnt any water added in her; but the surfactant we use are usually mixed with water (the active matter of surfactants are usually 35-40%, with the remaining being water). And so its the water from the surfactant (in this case its the Sodium laureth Carboxylate) thats gives the cloudiness. 

How To Change The Cloudiness?

One of the way to change it is by adding emulsifier. Adding emulsifier would help in creating a transparent water in oil solution. This means; ill just have to ‘up’ our glyceryl cocoate. Problem i had before; the lather reduced significantly when i did that. Ill probably have to add secondory surfactant like cocoamidopropyl betaine to give me a bigger bubbles so that the lather increases. Hmm...

So anyways..
Ill be trying it out soon and will be updating here soon. 

Wish me luck:-)


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