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Pet Products: Do We Need To Register (Notification) To KKM (MOH)?

For a product thats made for pets; does it require KKM notification?

Nope you dont. 

You see kkm notification is only for cosmetics, therefore if you were to register (notify); its only for cosmetic product

Whats the defination of cosmetics?

Cosmetics are any product that are used externally on parts of human body. 

Keep in mind; its human. And therefore; pets products dont have to be notified to Ministry of health.

What products from pets that needs to be registered with KKM?

Products that contains drugs from the posion schedule. Means medication used for pets; or feeds; those are products that needs to be registered. And they can only be sold by pharmacist and vets. So again if you dont have licence A (pharmacist) or special Type B licence (usually vets), then you cant even sell these products.

So what to do with pet products?

Since it doesnt require any KKM registration; you can sell it as is. However; as a seller; to ensure your customers that its safe; its best to get heavy metal and microbial test done. In this way; the customers will feel more secure purchasing it from you.

What other products that doesnt require KKM registration?

Any products thats not to be used externally by human ( cosmetic) and any products that doesnt have medication (drugs under poison schedule) and not consumed by human (under traditional meds); dont require KKM registration. 

This includes Sabun for washing, cleaning, detergent, makeup brush cleaner, pet products, baby utencil cleansing, vegetable wash: all these dont require KKM notification. 

Now if you want to make any of these products; you can either DIY or get us to manufacture for you. 

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P/S: this picture is of Max; my 9 year old Shih tzu. When we first had him; his skin was bad, and there were patches. I treated him and made him into my ‘guinea pig’. Used all kind of products on him (i promise you he was not in pain!) and finally after medication, and all naturally derived products; he has the softest fur right now. Really like a doormat :-D. 



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