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Online Class: Making Lip Balm, Nappy Balm, Salve, & Solid Lotion (Basic formulation & How To Make)


Product Details

This is a basic online class for those who wants to start making balms, salve or solid lotion at home. 

Specifically for those who have not made any handcrafted skincare before!

This series will be teaching you how to formulate these products from scratch

Suitable for almost all skin type including dry, sensitive skin

What will You learn in This class?

Theory (1 hour Video) 

  1. What is Balms and salves
  2. Whats the basic formulation for these products
  3. Basics in formulating 
  4. How to chose oils and butters when making a product
  5. How to add in other ingredients like flavors, scents, extracts etc
  6. How to calculate how much to add
  7. Percentage calculation and how to turn into weight
  8. How to formulate (basic) using oils and butters
  9. How to choose and add scents and flavors for the purpose of nice effect
  10. How to chose between essential and fragrance oil
  11. How to use supplement ingredients to give added feel good feeling.
  12. List of extracts and its uses
  13. How To Package these balms
  14. Basic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  15. How to prolong the shelf Life of product so that can keep for at least 1 year at Room Temperature (Most handmade skincare spoils after 3 months. Ill teach you how to prolong)


16. Explaination on how to turn them into lip scrub & colored blush and lip color

Practical (with videos)

What Will You Learn To Make In The Class?(step by step video)

  1. Lip balm
  2. Colored lip balm
  3. Salve/ointment
  4. Nappy balms
  5. Solid lotion (can turn into blush/ bronzing lotion) 

Bonus Video:

1) how to sanitize workspace and equipments according to GMP standard

2) How To weigh ingredients and kind of scales to purchase

3) how to mix granules to liquid

4) how to heat up ingredients using different heating element.

5) how to measure small amount that your weighing scale cant measure accurately

Included in This course:

  1. Discussion board to speak to instructor directly
  2. Support from SoapLab's customer service group (via whatsapp)
  3. Voucher to purchase ingredients with discounts (optional add in)

Who is the instructor?

The instructor is SoapLab's co-founder; a pharmacist with 13 years working experience in clinical skin problem (dermatology) (6 yrs government and 7 yrs private)

Who Should Join This Class?

  1. Newbie who never did handmade products before
  2. Someone who is new in cosmetic making (maybe done 1-2 products) and want to know in detail about additives like essential oil, fragrance oil, colors
  3. Anyone who wants to know the basics in making balms/ salve/ solid lotions
  4. Looking for a course for hobby.
  5. looking to make naturally derived products 

Who Shouldn't Join This Course?

  1. Not a beginner
  2. Those who are looking for business class (we have different class for that)
  3. Those who wants fast explanation. In this online class the video explaination is long (around 1 hour). if you are just looking for recipe video without wanting to know why an ingredient is used, then do check out our free recipes.

Duration of Class:

You will have acess to this online class for 6 months. You can learn at your own pace 

If You Need more info:

Contact us here

After purchasing this course; once payment is received by us; we will send you an email with password and link on how to join the course by next working day. This is conducted via facebook group.

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