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Formulating Natural Deodorant In Malaysia

 So.. today ive dedicated this whole month to come up with the perfect formula for our natural deodorant.

Yes i know ive release one few months ago; unfortunately; it is too ‘melty’ when we delivered it to you guys.

When i was coming up with the formula; i wanted something that was solid (coz its stick deodorant) but at the same time i also wanted it to melt when touches the body temperature. You know so its not draggy and hurts the skin when applying.

Unfortunately though; though its solid in room temperature (around 28-30 degrees in Malaysia); i think in parcel/ delivery warehouse; it gets slightly hot; resulting in in melting before reaching our customers.


So now; back to square one.

Anyways; lets go on and figure out what one needs in a deodorant.

So what is deodarant?

Its a product; generally used under armpit to remove unwanted odour.

So how does odour happen? Coz of the ‘sweat’ and bacteria/microbes build up.

Problems With Commercial deodorant.

Now the issue with commercial deodorant is; they came up with formulation whereby it removes the stink (yeay), but also anti perspirant (blocks sweat).

When sweat is blocked; you kind of dont get wet armpit = no bacteria/ microbes buildup.

Thats perfectly fine.

The only problem; when you dont use these deodorants; the cells kind of unplugs; causing all the older sweats to come out = tripple stink or more.

Another issue; its 48 hours antiperspirant. Which leaves our pit to be sticky after shower (like why would they do it 48 hours! Who doesnt shower for 2 days!).

So anyways; coz of all these; i decided to create my own natural deodorant.

I wanted something that doesnt contain aluminium, no sodium bicarbonate (coz it gives me dark armpit due to its high pH), and of course no paraben etc.

Foundation of making Deodorant.

So heres what i want in my deodorant:

  1. Something that kills microbes (so a disinfectant)
  2. Something to mask smell incase i get smelly (scent)
  3. Something that stays for at least 12 hours before my next shower (stick to pit)
Additionally; i would also want something thats more pH balanced (coz of previous scare where when i used bicarbonate based natural deodorant; i got rashes and dark armpit).

I would also want something that is easily removed and not sticky (so it shouldnt be oil based like all the other natural deodornats are. Most uses beeswax, butters etc).

Ingredients im planning to use

  1. Disinfectants with sulphate compounds to get rid of the microbes
  2. Fragrances for scent
  3. Combination of ingredients that uses stearic acid to give creamy like texture that sticks but not easily removed by clothes
  4. Combination of different ions like magnesium, and zn oxides to create a balanced pH
  5. Water based emulsifier that is easily removed when shower.
Ill need something that if made into stick deodorant; it doesnt melt during delivery. Maybe ill add beeswax for this.. hmm..

But since my other ingredients are waterbased; there is high chances of beeswax being separated from the other ingredients after some time.
So.. thats not a good idea..

What hardener can i use. Hmm..

So anyway; im off looking for ingredients to test out.

Once ive found the perfect formula; 
I shall let you guys know.

Until then. Take care and stay safe..


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