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Coming Soon: All ReadyMade Products For Resell Will Have KKM NOT


Hi guys! 

Soon we will be getting our GMP facility audited; and once everything is ok (🤞🏼) we will start producing all our freshly made products there! 

We will also be registering them with ministry of health; and it will all be available for resell by you❤️

Im so excited and i cant wait for it to happen❤️❤️

Anyways; this new batch of deodorants; will also be registered with KKM and its now available for preorder ya.

We will be sending them out next week so for those interested to sample it (1pcs) before purchasing bulk to resell can get it now ya☺️

Yes these deodorants can be purchased in bulk too (of course much cheaper than single unit) if you are interested to resell it.

Its all in; including packaging. label can use ours; or you can put your own label😍

With this small quantity bulk order; i really hope to help you guys to start a side business and be more independent financially🤞🏼

If you have any questions; please feel free to whatsapp us ya:) 

Till then take care and stay safe! 


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