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The Making Of Natural Deodorant In Malaysia Part 2

hi all..

I know i know; ive been sitting on this for months but i really couldnt find the time to make this deodorant:-(

Setting up a GMP factory is no joke (i thought how hard can it be; well it is!) but its taking a lot of my time unfortunately. Luckily; we are approaching the end soon and we should be able to get audited by next month and operate in Jan 2022. Yeay!

On top of that; because of the GMP factory we are already getting preorder for bulk products that we will be making in the factory whereby these owners will all get KKM NOT. So busy producing sample for them too; resulting in me not having time at all in this deodorant project:-(

but anyways; no worries.

Ive finally decided to make a roll on for this deodorant.

If you have read my previous blog entry (here), you will realise that i already got the 'perfect' formula. The one that keeps stink away for 6-8 hours; formulated with No Alumminium, No Paraben, & No sodium Bicarbonate.

The ingredient i used in this is mainly Milk of Magnesia that is known to kill bacteria and molds. Additionally I've also added zinc oxide, and table salt to balance out the acidity and neutralising the pH of this deodorant.

The only problem i had was that it couldn't stay solid during transit (i dont know; maybe coz in pos parcel warehouse its super hot?maybe?)

So; it was time to change the formula again. and this time; ive made roll on. Using the same formula; but slight difference in the thickening ingredient so that its liquid enough to be rolled on, and thick enough to stick under the arm pit.

Now; just remember this is not an antiperspirant ya. Its good to sweat! i didn't want to formulate something like the commercial deodorant that blocks sweat as it can be quite 'harmful' to have the sweat buildup under the skin.

So; this deodorant will not stop you from sweating; only it will stop the stink that your sweat produces.

Because it's a water based formula (so you can remove it easily with soap); it may get 'washed' off by your sweat if you sweat a lot. But even then; it should work for 6-8 hours (if it doesn't let us know within 7 days and we will offer you a refund).

So anyways; here it is.. our latest roll on deodorant.

Final Ingredients:

  • Propylene glycol 
We use propylene glycol because its naturally derived and its suitable for most skin. Usually in regular deodorant; the commercial deodorant manufacturers uses alcohol. The purpose of these alcohol is for drying the deodoarant fast so you dont feel wet and sticky when applying under the pit. Problem is: it also dries skin making it not suitable for most sensitive skin. So for that reason im adding propylene glycol.

  • Glycerin
Humectant. That helps in moisturising skin as well.

  • Sodium Stearate
Soap based emulsifier that is water based. It thickens the solution; but at the same time it is easily removable. Sodium stearate that we are using in this is made in house using shea butter and sodium hydroxide. It gives a nice creamy texture as well as moisturises the skin.

  • Zinc Oxide, Magnesium, Sodium Chloride
This trio combination is used to create a combination of ingredient that kills microbes (that causes the stink) but at the same time we had it pH balances so that it mimics the pH of the arm pit. This is to make sure that it doesn't irritate the skin.

  • Water
As solvent. 

Coming Soon..

later on; i would probably add cosmeceuticals to make it something that can brighten dark arm pit too. But thats for another day as again ill have to create a pH balanced solution since most brightening ingredients are quite acidic. 

I will be putting up the recipes on how to make use of these base soon as well once we get more feedback from you guys who used this deodorant..

Buy Readymade (While Stock Lasts)

If you wanted to try it out as sample/ for resell; heres our readymade deodorant:

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