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Why Some Deodorant Stings & How To Avoid It When Formulating?

Heres one of frequently asked question after we launch our handmade natural deodorant last month;

Like why is it that some natural deodorant stings while the ones made by soaplab didnt.

And if they were to formulate it on their own; how to go about it?

Well truthfully; it all depends on the formulation.

When making a roll on deodorant; if you realise; most of the deodorants in the market uses alcohol as the main ingredient.

Well.. the reason its used is coz it kind of kills two birds with one stone

  1. to kill bacteria and other microbes that can cause stinking smelly armpit
  2.  It evaporates easily; so the users wont feel ‘wet’ armpit.

The issue with alcohol is: it kind of dries skin; subsequently causing skin to ‘thicken’ and darken,

And if applied on wound (that usually after shaving or waxing will surely have) it will be painful.

When making natural formulation, most of the time if you realise; instead of alcohol, the product will contain witch hazel.

Witch hazel has about 18% ++ of natural alcohol in them; and this will also work like how the synthetic alcohol works.

Yes it wont be as ‘bad’ but its still alcohol. Natural or synthetic; its still the same function and ‘results’ like the normal one (maybe minor because its only 18-35% concentrated) 


Whats the alternative?

So when it came to making SoapLab’s Natural Deodorant; i decided that we didnt want to use alcohol or any alcohol derivatives (like witch hazel) as the main ingredient.

My concern was because most of our consumers are people with sensitive skin so i didnt want to add these to make them suffer more😢

So when i formulated;

I used other solvents like propylene glycol, glycerin and sorbitol. These solvents although don’t evaporate fast; its still faster than water. And so i prefer them.

Besides they are all humectant; so its kind of like a win win situation.

So. If you plan to make your own natural deodorant; do take this into consideration.

If lets say you dont want to DIY, but want to start your own business selling deodorants; or even want to try one out; do contact us:)

Till then; take care and stay safe! 


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