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GMP Factory Flooded (Banjir Selangor 2021)



Our factory was audited last friday and it looks very promising to get approval (will know final answer in mid of Jan).

So basiclaly after approval; the factory will be used to make handmade natural products that will be registered with ministry of health.

Cant wait for that to happen and we were all excited about doing a trial run this week.

But come Saturday; the rain was so heavy😢 thunderstorms and i heard few places in klang and shah alam was already flooded.

I was kind of worried and my heart went all out to those poor people who was drenched in the rain with all their belongings being wiped out by the flood.

It was freezing cold that night and was windy too! 

I started looking for dry clothes and blankets to send to those flood victims when i got a whtsapp from the factory’s landlord saying that the factory area was in flood.

Imagine my horror went i went there on Sunday when the flood subsided! Everything wAs damaged! It was like a scene from titanic😢

Mud everywhere, and the surrounding factories workers were cleaning up with jet spray etc. 

My neighbour who has photocopy printing rental service mentioned that the flood went up to 3 ft high, and all her toner and printers was damaged. 

And so i went into our factory; and this is the scene in our clean room😢

We havent checked our machineries yet as its still wet. Ill probably wait another 2-3 weeks before testing it out.

Hope its working😢

But anyways; as of today we have started cleaning it so that it doesnt get all fungus like.

But i do hope it doesnt flood again🙏🏻 Theres red alert everyday about another possible thunderstorm. Hopefully its mild ones that doesnt affect anyone.

Take care and stay safe


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