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GMP Natural Product Factory In Malaysia: Raw Material Specification

Good morning guys.. so ive been burying myself in documentation for our GMP factory and here i thought i would have a ‘series’ of my journey with the ‘paper work’ just to make it more fun😬 (trust me its so boring😢😢) 

So in today’s series; its all about raw material specification.

Before a product is made; the GMP factory’s store will recieve raw material/ ingredients. 

Before that can get into the approved raw material side of the store; it needs to be tested by the QC manager. 

So how does he/ she (in our side is a she) know if this raw material is ok? 

Well its by checking this currrent raw material’s documentation, againts our specified raw material (we call it raw material specification).

There is a list of things this raw material has to follow and when all ok; only then the QC department approves it. 

If its not approved; then its rejected and given back to supplier until something that follows the specification comes:) 

P/S: this is why if you are not getting materials from soaplab but want to use our gmp factory; can! But we need to do additional lab test because of this. Not saja2 ok☺️if can i also don want to add additional cost but no choice huhu.

So anyways; this is what raw material specification is.
One of the reason its there is so that whatever product you make in the factory; it will be consistent all the time.

And secondly; its to make sure there is no contamination being introduced to the factory/ production area. 

Imagine if this is not done; any supplier can say their product is not adultrated and simply do documents. 

And the factory also just trust blindly and all the products thats made with the factory will be contaminated! Aiyo! Imagine the product recall and all the procedure that goes with it! (happened to us by some suppliers before😢 they claim their ingredients are ‘clean’. But me being me; i didnt trust them. (Yes i have trust issue!) luckily we did lab test and detected it fast! ) 

So yeap thats what raw material specification is and why its there:)

If you are someone who makes your own handmade product; make sure to do test all the time. If you wanted to make ur product in a GMP set up;do contact us.

If you are someone who is just starting and now sure how to go about it starting a Natural product business; dont forget to join our FREE online course here

Take care and stay safe


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