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Does Having A Shorter Attention Span Gets People To Notice You Better? (ranting)


So.. few days back i was talking to few business friends about how to ‘boost’ our business.

You know its like a yearly thingy we do; talk about whats working and whats not and truthfully; ever since we spend so so much on the GMP facility; ive been looking for every opportunity i can get to ‘push’ SoapLab up.

So anyways; one of the things that single handedly ‘won’ was tiktok. 

They kept on saying that i should be a ‘celeb’ in tik tok. You knw all those pointing pointing video, dancing around video etc. And with my whole pharmacy formulator image; i should do really well..

But truthfully i just cant bring myself to do it. I just cant😥 thats not me! I tried.. vomitted with fear after that🤢

I spoke greatly about this before where i ‘prefer’ privacy. 

I dont mind showing myself to people i ‘knw’ ie u guys who have been joining my online closed course etc; but not to some strangers! And this will be exactly that.

So anyways; with this; i had to sleep on it to decide wether i want to do it or not. Till now i havent come up with any decissions yet.

But it just got me to think; does it really work? Does having a short 1min video mind map like; makes people remember you? 

Marketing is all about people seeing you, but to built a brand; one has to be memorable. 

And like me; since im an old school person; i think the way people remember ‘me’ is when i give some value to that person. 

Like you guys; i think you follow me coz in return; im educating you on something; so you become ‘better’ than what you were before you found me (thats what i hope la) 

But how does one do that in 1 min vids? How do you be memorable when the person scrolling only spends 1min with you and then they are watching the next vids and the next for the next 1hr or more of their life? 

Is it just me thinking like this? Or do you think so too? Or is it just me proscrastinating? 

U know; nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih😂 (mayb this is what it is haha) 

What do you think? 


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