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Post Pandemic: Dont Give Up! I Almost Did


Its been a month

Since we started operating fully in our factory and guess what! Its crazy! 

Truthfully when we started; i thought this was a bad idea. Like maybe we should just focus on raw material supplying and classes.

I even thought of closing the factory down few times. Having sleepless nights; and all i could do was just kept on recalculating like how was i going to afford this, and the existing business. 

To tell you the truth; this is the first time in 8 years i dont have company ‘savings’.

The pandemic, plus the factory wiped out everything we saved these past 8 years.

Im from conservative business person and i always had 10-12 months back up for our monthly commitments that includes salary, rental, utilities, stocks etc. 

But this time around; nothing.

And on top of that; we had flood twice in the factory; damaging almost everything including the new machines and renovation; causing further dent to our finances.

I didnt have choice but to resort to crowdfunding with you guys; where 2 weeks back we had promo for any of our readymade product 3 for RM100. 

And thankfully to you guys; we had such great response that we could stand up on our feet again. Thank you so much🙏🏻🙏🏻

And just like that; i dont know if its good luck, or was it the word of mouth references or what; we started getting huge orders for our factory. 

Clients that were our customers 8 years back are coming back; this time ordering huge bulk for their company (basically they used to be handmade business owners but when their business grew they went to other GMP factory for production but since we now have it; they are coming back) and i really feel so blessed and loved because of this❤️❤️

I dont know how to express this feeling but its so true; the darkest hours is just before dawn. And im finally seeing the sunlight❤️❤️

Why am i telling you this? 

Coz i know some of you are going through this. The ‘pinch’ post pandemic is more ‘painful’ than the pandemic itself. 

And so..If at any point of time you are feeling hopeless in life; just keep on doing what you afe doing 💪🏻. Dont quit! you never know when will the wheel turn to the brighter side. 

It happened to me; it will definitely happen to you too. I believe so 🙏🏻

Good luck…


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