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Ramblings: Why I Dont Talk To Customers

Did You Know; I Dont Talk To Customers😂

Happy friday everyone! 

So as you know; im kind of like active in my blog and social media and every once in a while when i meet someone in person; that person will be like; owh i spoke to you and we discussed this… 

When actually; i dont even remember having that conversation. 

Rupa rupanya; they have been chatting with my team😂

So anyways; heres the truth. I don talk to our customers. 

Probably when initially i started yes; but now no more.

You see; i have this illness; it probably started when i was working in the hospital; whenever i start talking to people; i feel like i know this person and they are my friend.

And when someone is a friend, and is in trouble; i want to help to ease their trouble as much as i can.

To a point where ill give stuff for free😅

And thats not good for business😓 

It happened when i had my skin pharmacy previously. Everytime someone comes in with issue; ill give them free stuff. Or ill tell them pay later if it works etc.

And oh my did people take advantage of tht😥 we barely survived for 8 months

So yea when soaplab started; i told my husband i cant have a face to face retail shop coz of this ‘illness’

So online was the best coz of whtsapp i dont really see the person.

And yet; it still happens!

So finally when we grew; my husband; who is also our co founder; decided that i wont be talking to our customer😂

I mean i can talk like this; help out the customer’s issue all boleh; but the final product sebelum keluar frm soaplab; needs to go through him or his team😬

So yea; if you are whatsapping us; its not me ya:) its usually tini or eja. In social media; its Yus

For OEM its someone else as well:) 

im banned from selling😅😂

To find me; im mostly in these social media post:) im in instagram, in blogs, in fb. Im a invisible writer just like Lady Whistledown.. 😜

Ok not really la.. you can see me in classes hehe.

But you know what i mean.. haish dillema.. 

Who else got this kind of ‘illness’? 


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