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Anti-Aging: what ingredients to use? Too Many!


I'll be aproaching 40's soon and one of the main concerns that I'm starting to notice is wrinkles and age spots (aka pigmentation).

its something that I've been neglecting in the past but I guess now that we are starting to move around post pandemic; we are starting to go out too; you know me, my husband and kids. 

Just small small outings like breakfast in a nice restaurant, bringing the kids around Kl and so on. And with this; we are starting to take more selfie (because my girls are into that these days).

and oh my when I look back at the pictures: I don't know where my 'youth' went! After I got my girls; I never really 'bothered' about my face despite having a beauty related business; and during the pandemic; own well I did some skincare routine for a while; but after that neglected it coz I wasn't meeting anyone so why bother. Plus half the face is covered by the mask anyway:-(

so with all these neglects; and now looking at the pictures; I can definitely see a lot of ageing signs. Under eye wrinkles, under eye hollowness, crows feet, stress lines, white hair etc..

a lot la basically.

and so off I went to Sephora to see what's the 'in' thing for raging skin these days so that I can 'tiru' but oh my there is so many cosmeceuticals to use!

some uses glutathione, some uses stable vitamin C, some arbutin. Retinol don't forget, then after putting all these; don't forget the AHA, BHA, PHA bra bla..

a lot. like really a lot.

and when using all these; your skin will tend to get dryer; so then we have to add humectants like hyaluronic acid, or occlusive creams etc.

So moving forward in this blog; I would like to go through each and every ingredient and lets see what happens or what's best to incorporate them into our daily routine without taking up too much of time.

Hopefully with this we can all figure out what's best for our skin and how to we prolong our skin so that it doesn't age too quickly :-)

C ya in next post.


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