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OEM Scams In Malaysia; Token Application For KKM Notification.

Ever since we started our OEM factory in March, we have been hearing so many ‘news’ about some scams that is currently goong on in Malaysia’s manufacturing scene and i thought of writing about it once in a while so that you guys tak kena.

So one of such scams is about token application. 

In order to notify (register) your product with KKM, you will need to apply for token. 

Many thinks that its difficult to apply for token so they will get the OEM company to apply for them; which they get charged like 1500-2000 for (actually the token if u apply ur own if not mistaken RM300-350 only) 

So this customer will get the factory to apply for them; and paya for it. 

These factories either register’s the token under the factory’s name (which is a bull coz the factory when apply for oem status hv to have their own already so for what apply again! ) or they apply on behalf of the client’s company = uses all the documents from the clients (SSM, director’s ic, licence etc)

So usually once all these is done; the token will go to the one who ‘orders it’ which is the factory and they keep it (although its illegal for the factory to keep it if its under your company but well who are u gona report to🥲

Then the customer makes product with them which is all fine but guess what; when the client wants to make product with other company; the factory side refuse to give the token back.

So its like a blackmail like every product u want to make have to make with them only or your product will not be registered🥲

The only way out; is to cancel the token or reapply using different company. I think u can also email the token company (which is not the NPRA; its other private company if not mistaken) to cancel the token. 

So like that la.. one of the many scams happening in the manufacturing scene.

We in SoapLab mmg get the customer to register their token themself. 

No agents or runner whats so ever. 

Seriously its super easy to apply. Literally 15mins only! Everything online and u save almost RM 1000 bucks doing it yourself. 

Yes its a bit tedious but seriously; its much safer! 

If you want steps to apply for the token; whatsapp us at 0126643817 and our CS team can guide you for FREE:) 

Did you go thru any manufacturing scams? What happened? Whatsapp us about what happened🥲


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