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GMP training: New Syllabus In Class


Since we have now moved into our GMP factory in usj 1 subang, i would like to make the formulation classes to be more useful for our students.

Our current formulation class is designed to help our students who wants to start their very own cosmetic business.

So in this class i would usually teach everything from scratch and you will also be learning how to formulate from scratch.

Usually in other classes, you will get a single recipe and you just follow the recipe. So what it means is that when you start your business, ur product will be exactly the same with your competitor who probably learn from the same place.

Since im a pharmacist and we did learn how to formulate in our pharmacy school, i decided to each my students how to formulate from scratch in all our business formulation classes.
This way the students can go back and formulate their products that will be different from others in the market. 

And this is how i ran my classes for years.

But now that we are in the factory; i would like to each my students how factory operates. And how when making handmade cosmetics and skincare, do it like the gmp standards. So that when their business grow big, its not difficult to make it in a gmp factory and get registration in KKM etc.

This is also to make sure the students know what GMP is so that when people ask; they know what they are talking about:) 

We currently have 2 classes for this: soap, and lotion. Soap covers all about soap and cleansing products, while lotion covers anything that needs emulsifying like lotion, cream, body butter, mask, oil cleanser, serum, scrub etc.
We will launch our hair formulation class soon but thats only for existing students as i wont be going thru basics anymore.

Classes are for Rm 650 each / Rm 1100 if sign up for both. 

But; with addition of this GmP syllabus, ill be increasing the price in 1st OCT 2022. If you wanted to join the class we have one this month (soap) and lotion next month that will cover gmp but is still in old price.

If you interested to join to whtsapp us at 0126723817.


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