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Its Illegal To Sell Azelaic Acid As Skincare in Malaysia


Hi guys.. recently i had written an article on how to treat hyperpigmentation and one of the question asked was; how about azelaic acid? 

In recent years its been a ‘hyped’ ingredient and every one is looking for it. 

But heres the thing; most countries; azelaic acid is a controlled ingredient. In some countries; small dosage can be used as skincare (its so small that it wont make a difference if u used it or not like 5-10%), or if bigger dosage that works (20%++) its all in prescription only.

In Malaysia; similarly we have law; and the law says that we cant sell azelaic acid at all as skincare. Means any skincare that contains azelaic acid; is either sold illegally without KKM approval, or its sold as azelaic but the ingredient inside is derivatives (that usually don work). 

So yeap here it is; if you are using any azelaic acid product; do check it out and make sure its with KKM registration.

Sometimes its sold online / big department stores illegally. So be an informed consumer, and find out before using it:) 

❤️Nisha .. 

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