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How Hyperpigmentation (Jeragat) Happens & How To Treat It?

Another year or so; ill be approaching my 4 series and even though my skin is way better than before; with acnes here and there during the time of the month; i generally dont have much to complain about my skin.

However though; im starting to notice uneven skin tone; with sun spots and pigmentation here and there😥

When you look at skincare made for pigmentation; somehow there are thousands available from fluffs (i call those without backing of studies as ‘marketing ingredients’), and cosmeceuticals (with studies backing) 

Truthfully i didnt know which to choose😰

And so i go back to what we studied during our pharmacy degree; always look back at the disease and how it forms; and slot in the medication that destroys that pathway (we look at the mechanism of action of the ingredient) 

For pigmentation (melanin) ; generally; it is formed by melanocytes. Melanocytes is like a factory that produces melanin that gives the dark color to the skin. 

The darker the person is; the more intense the colour of melanin will be produced.

And this factory (melanocytes) are usually ‘powered’ by free radicals; that comes from sun exposure, blue light from devices, and heat from cooking (among other things). 

Of course internally it can get powered too; but for topical products, lets stick to things we can control externally.

So anyway; this is like a cascade of event; free radical powers up the factory melanocystes, melanocytes produces melanin, melanin slowly comes up the surface, and give sthe brown spots.

So how to stop it?

Now look back into the pathway of melanin? What can we do? 

  1. we can stop free radicals from forming (ie avoid sun, cooking/ blue light devices) 
  2. We can block free radicals (broad spectrum sunscreen) 
  3. We can reflect/ absorb free radicals (vitamin C 5-20%) 
  4. We can stop production in the factory aka melanocytes ( choose one: tranexamic acid 3%/ arbutin (0.5-2%), kojic acid (2-4%)  hydroquionone (4-8% only prescription strength))
  5. We can stop the transfer of melanin to surface (Niacinamide 2-5%) 
  6. We can regenerate skin faster (using retinol 0.5-2% that sheds skin faster so the existing melanin on skin surface can drop) 
  7. We can wipe off the dead skin with melanin (using AHA like mandelic acid (1-10%) or glycolic acid (0.5-2%) or use exfoliating beads that are fine to buff the skin off. 

So yea: this is basically what we can do:) 

I know it looks like its a lot of product to use; but for me; i prefer to use lower concentration of medical grade skincare to target all pathway; rather than using one or two in high dose because truthfully; just one or two ingredients will not give optimal results.

Unfortunately though; these ingredients cant be formulated together as they may interact with one another during storage; and so ive made them separately. 

Now that doesnt mean you cant use other products from other brands. Of course you can.

Just make sure the strength (aka dose) is correct, and make sure its formukated well. Sometimes; the vehicles used for the products blocks absorption of the ingrediengs so its kind of useless then😥. A lot of manufacturers are not run by pharmacist or chemist so they probably dont realize this😰) 

If you are interested to try it out; heres what we have currently:) and if you are not sure if your products are ok or not; do whtsapp us at 0126643817. 


The chemist..

Board certified pharmacist 

Video explaining how it happens:

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