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Do you need a toner? No you dont!

Heres a question i get asked a lot of time. In between cleansing face and using serums and moisturisers; is it necessary to use a toner? 

The broad answer is: NO.

You absolutely don need a toner if your toner works as ‘moisturising’ toner. 

You also don need it if its a hydrating toner.

The only time you may need a toner is if you need an exfoliating toner.

Whats an exfoliating toner? 

Exfoliating toner are toners that are made by using exfoliating active ingredients.

What are exfoliating active ingredients? 

Exfoliating active ingredients can be divided to 2: AHA, and BHA.

The commanly used AHA are ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid etc

BHA: most common ones are salicylic acid.

Why use exfoliating toner? 

Toner that are exfoliating are toners that helps in removing dead cells and dirt.

Sometimes after cleansing with mild cleanser; it doesnt really remove dead cells (unless you scrub which is another way of exfoliating). 

However; not everyone can scrub their face all the time. Especially if one has wound/ acne on face; its not advicable to scrub. 

Thats when exfoliating toner comes in handy.

Besides that; if you are using skincare that regenerates skin; like retinol or tretinoin: using an exfoliating toner will help in reducing dead skin build up thats usually one of the reason for dull skin.

When no need to use exfoliating toner? 

You don have to use an exfoliating toner when you are doing regular chemical peels, or if you are already using serum that contains these bha or aha. 

Check your ingredients for all your skincare. If you don have BHA/ AHA; use the toner. If not: no need:) 


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