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Every Once In A while.. im stuck when it comes to business goals


Every once in a while ill reach this crossroad. 

This thought of not knowing what to do. The same road where im stuck and i cant move forward till i decide🥲

And this week; its been something like that. This time; its about soaplab.

Im just not sure where our direction is.

When i started; i just wanted to ‘sell’ the raw materials i had extra from closing down my pharmacy, and after that go back to work.

But i guess coz i was pregnant and no one wanted to hire me; i had to just cling on to it for 9 months before getting a job.

Fortunately though; i had awesome customers and they encouraged me to grow; to something like Brambleberry of malaysia. 

Things were goin great; until i realise that many didnt even do products safely. Just coz something is natural; it doesnt mean its safe. Too much of something good can lead to disaster at times.

And so i changed soaplab to be a place DIY’ers comes to learn how to make products safely for FREE.

All was good; till i realise many of my customers were small business owners who had problems figuring out how to manage a small business since they were doing it part time; and so i started guiding them based on my years of experience doing business before this (i had about 4-5 online shops while i was working in the hospital) 

Things were doing great; until COVID happened🥲 MCO basically killed few of our major clients; and not many ppl like to DIY; and so we had to pivot to making our readymade product to survive. 

And survive we did💪🏻 so much so that we could open our own manufacturing factory! 

But now things are going back to ‘normal’. Life is back to pre covid.

Should i go back to guiding diy-ers to make safe and effective product? Or should i pivot to becoming readymade product supplier? Or should i just fully focus on manufacturing? 

Deep inside; the one i love to do is teaching and guiding. But im not sure if there are many DIY’ers left😅

Of course the manufacturing and readymade will still b there but i wanted to focus on this. 

But im just not sure.. 

Crossroad.. crossroad🥲

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