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Ingredient Spotlight: Lecigel-Sodium Acrylates Copolymer and Lecithin


The past few weeks ive been playing around with this new ingredient that i had purchased: Lecigel.

Lecigel is a combination of Sodium Acrylates Copolymer and  Lecithin.

Its a combination of a gelling agent, and an emulsifier; which means that when using this ingredient in your product; it would result in a light moisturiser thats not sticky or waxy, but at the same time gives you a nice silky finish like.

I was a little sceptical in using it initially because im so used to the ‘waxy’ type of emulsifier; so when i was inteoduced to this; i was like eleh, how great can it be? 

And OMG! I was so wrong! It just feels so good!! Really! 

After making a moisturiser out of it; i actually went to Sephora to try out all the other high end brands that has similar moisturiser feel and nothing comes close to this feeling. 

Really luxurious, very soft, very light. And you hardly feel anything on top! 

What Is It? 

Its an ingredient with a combination of gelling agent, and an emulsifier

When To Use It? 

You can use it at any time (hot or cold phase) and in any phase (oil or water). I like to use it in oil phase because its easier to disperse it.

How much to use? 

Depending on your oil content, usually its 0.5% for every 10% of oil. Maks was 20% oil but i tried with a 30% butter and it still held up after 3 months so maybe a butter could go up to 30% without any other emulsifier or thickener

Is it Natural? 

Unfortunately no its not natural. But over the years ive come with this new philosphy that im ok if its sloghtly not natural (like if its 1-2% not natural, 98-99% natural) as long as i use it. Over the years i couldnt really find a moisturiser that i would use daily because allmost all the natural ones were were sticky and waxy. Wasnt suitable for hot days in Malaysia😥 

So if you are looking to make a product that is 100% natural, this wouldnt be the ingredient for you.

What kind of product can we make? 

With lecigel you can make anything you want that requires a combination of water and oil.

Generally; anything that contains up to 20% oil, can be mixed with lecigel.

Its stable in any pH so you can make moisturisers, balms, mist, anything you want:) 

Ill be experimenting with this ingredient the next few days and will share the formulation here. So do check it out.

This ingredient will be for sale in SoapLab soon.

So for those looking to purchase this; do whtsapp us at 0126643817 to order! 


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