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KKM Notification In GMP Factory: Why 100pcs Is More Expensive Than 1000pcs?


So someone asked me this few days ago; like why when it comes to KKM NOT, we charge extra for those who wants to notify 100pcs vs those who wants to notify 1000pcs? 

The reason is coz of this..

Even though KKM Notification charges is only RM 50 per product, in order to have the GMP documentation; we need to do lab test for every batch we make.

Means lets say you did a 100pcs unicorn scrub with kkm notification in january; then you reorder in June; thats considered new batch; and so we will have to redo the GMP documentation as well as lab test for that new batch even though your product is already notified.

Now this lab test charges are usually the same regardless u make 100pcs, 1000pcs, 5000pcs. And so we usually average it out with the quantity you are making:) 

And so thats why; the price for 100pcs will look expensive even though its the same product.

Now besides this; making a 100pcs product requires the same amount of manpower and cleaning time as making 1000pcs; and so to take into account all these; we usually charge additional for 100pcs KKM NOT, when you purchase 500 pcs or 1000pcs; it gets slightly cheaper..

So i hope this verifies the reason why 100pcs are usually much expensive thn 1000pcs:) 


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