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DIY Brightening ‘Air Laici’ Face Moisturiser


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we will be making ‘Bazaar Ramadan’ inspired products this month, and the next product we will be making is lychee series.

Today ill be sharing a post on how to make a simple brightening face moisturiser using SoapLab’s Brightening Moisturiser Base.

This formula uses fig extract thats meant to be for dry and matured skin.


  1. 975g SoapLab’s Brightening Moisturiser Base
  2. 20g Fig Extract
  3. 5g Fig & Lychee Fragrance Oil
* you can always change the extract and scent to something else if you wanted.


Hope you like this:) if you need any further assistance do whtsapp us at 0126643817.

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