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Vitamin C & Retinol can Use Together?


Can Vitamin C and Retinol be used together🤔🤔 you probably wondered the same because sooo many people said cant use together.

Well its true; vitamin C and retinol shouldnt be used at the same time. 

The reason being is coz both these ingredient cancels out each other.

The pH of vit c serum is usually below 3.5 and retinol is higher. So if you use them together, the vitamin C’s pH will reduce retinol’s pH resulting in retinol being inactive.

This reaction will also cause skin sensitivity; and so people who use them together are more prone to issues like sunburn, redness, inflammed etc.

Now this is only true IF you use the raw vitamin C. So Anything thats called Ascorbic Acid, or L ascorbic acid; these are all raw vitamin C. Its a very potent anti oxidant, and it causes skin sensitivity. 

A lot of products uses L-Ascorbic acid (ie raw vitamin C) and so when you are using these; do not mix it with retinol at one go.

So how about @thechemistmalaysia Vitamin C gel? The vitamin C by the chemist is using ethylated ascorbic acid. Its a more stable form of vitamin C thats mostly suitable for sensitive skin. The pH is also higher (around neutral pH) and so you can use it together with retinol as they are similar in pH. 

Its also stable; so it doesnt get oxidized fast and it is more gentle on skin.

The only problem; its sooooo expensive! Like really expensive! And because its ‘stable’ ee need to use way more dosage compared to the raw ascorbic acid to get the same ‘lightening’ effect; so its double triple expensive😅 i could have easily priced the raw ascorbic acid at 1/4 of the current price if i used the regular vit C. But unfortunately since most of our users are ppl with sensitive skin; we had to formulate with the more stable vit c😅

So there you go; i hope it clears up the confusion you have wether to use or not to use ur vit c with retinol. 

First step; check ur ingredient list to see what sort of vit c is used. If its the raw form; don mix. Use the vit c in the morning, and retinol at night. But if its the ‘stable’ form; you can probably mix it provided the pH is same as retinol.

If you are not sure; whatsapp me ur ingredient list and ill go thru for u:) 


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