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How To Choose Sunscreen In Malaysia (The Ingredients)


Even though we in soaplab don sell sunscreen and dont really plan to as well, ive decided to do a series on sunscreen and which would be the best for you especially if you are someone in the midst 30’s and have dry sensitive skin like me. 

I plan to review every brand there is in the market and how does it react to my skin with Malaysian weather.

This is a project thats self funded so it may take sometime so do bare with me😅

This is a video of me explaining what to look for when it comes to sunscreen, the difference between UVA and UVB, and how to search for broad spectrum ingredients.

Hope you found it useful:) 

As usual if you have any questions, or do have skin issues that you are trying to cure; do whtsapp us at 0126643817 for free skin consultation. 


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