A Boutique GMP Factory That Makes Handmade Natural Products. Formulated By Pharmacist


year 2014 when My mission Changed..

These past few months; i hv a lot of thoughts about our business. Just like most businesses; ours is not doing well post pandemic. 

Ive been thinking to change my business model; ive also thought of closing it down and going back to work. (Sometimes 
I merajuk)

Truthfully this is our 10th year, and its also probably one of the worst performing years we have🥲 
I dont know what went wrong; but i feel most of it is me; ive become too complecant, too calm, too easy going, and i thot nothing can go wrong in a 10yr old business

Little did i know i was driving myself to the end of the cliff; eyes wide shut

Thats when i went back to looking at the older photos when i started. 

In this picture; it was just after closing the pharmacy and i was in major debt. Plus i just had a baby so i couldnt get job anywhere while pregnant. 

Normal people will generally just make products and sell. Its easier and its ‘faster’ to make money. 

But instead: since i just came out frm working with npra before that; ive seen so many skin problems due to wrong ingredients; so i decided to start a business that educates people on safe ingredients. 

A year after that; i decided to guide mothers into entrepreunership because thats what i did. 

Starting soaplab was the best thing ive done coz i got to see my kids growing in front of me; and i wanted the same for most mothers; and so in 2014; my mission was more to empower women with knowledge and skills to make their own products and eventually leading them to self sufficiency and entrepreunership. 

And it did help a lot of people. 

But; ive been straying from my mission and im so sorry 🙏🏼🙏🏼 covid and lockdown changed me to be defensive and i went into survival mode.

I cant sleep at night these days coz i feel like im not doing anything useful for the human kind

Moving forward; i plan to continue my journey on this path💪🏼 

So lets start again; round 2❗️

If you are someone who wants to make side income: heres what we have for u:
1) Free business course in FB grp
2) Free DIY videos in our Youtube channel
3) 20% commision: To resell our readymade products
4)if your own brand: Bulk purchase (by kg so u refill) 
5) manufacturing with KKM NOT in our gmp factory.

Im not sure if ppl still wants this, but if you know anyone who does; Contact us and lets see what we can do from there💪🏼💪🏼 


Please Whatsapp Us at 0126643817 for any enquiry



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