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Why Budget Is Important When Starting Business

 Eversince we started our GMP factory last year; we have come to understand ‘business owner’ more. 

Almost most of them when we speak to them; especially newbies: doesnt have a budget😅

Like everytime they enquire anything and when we ask their budget; it will be pin drop silence. And finally they will come up with something like; make something the cheapest you can.

Its not to say they are right or wrong, im just wondering like why isnt budget one of the main thing ppl think about when starting business? 

Like for me; when i started; i didnt have ‘funds’ so of course there was a budget. I was like ok im putting in my last 10k and thats it. Kalau jadi jadi; if not move on. 

And somehow i had to work within that budget to cover the cost of material; and cost of customer acquasation which at that time i just did zero cost marketing. 

Of course i didnt dump the whole 10k in just like that; i staggered it. 

Like ok this month only this much. And then the profit from that; i try to roll in again and again;

To a point the 10k i left aside; it still has balance.

So what im trying to say is; if you are just starting out; have a ‘budget’. Something that you are willing to ‘lose’ / invest (if u need a positive word😂) 

And try your best to stick to it.

And when talking to manufacturers like us; let us know your ‘product’ budget. Don go for cheapest. 

Truthfully if i was unethical i can do something for rm 2 where its just water and xanthan gum and a drop of everything else just to call it a serum (yes true story; factories are doing that! ) 

But we dont! So instead tell us your budget and so when i formulate for u; i can estimate what are the ingredients i can put in. And sometimes; the budget might give u good product, but manpower is expensive; so for cases like this we can suggest bulk purchase where you fill yourself etc. 

Throughout these 2 years we have thought of everything we can according to all your budgets so that a newbie with rm100 budget also can start business, or a business with Rm 100k budget also can start. 

If you would like to know more about this do whatspp us at 0126643817. 

Meanwhile; if you are just starting your business; do have a budget💪🏼


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