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Big Pores and Blackheads Treatment Plan in Malaysia (From Home)

So this patient here is 33 years old, has blackheads and big pores; what can she use? 

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Hi my name is nisha; pharmacist and formulator and today we will discuss what is the treatment plan for someone with this condition.

First lets talk about big pores. 

Pores can be big due to genetics, clogged pores, or due to aging.

However; sometimes dry skin can also give this illusion of big pores because skin will appear to be rough and patchy.

For this person; after further consultation; it turns our her skin is leaning towards dry skin; so she would benefit from repairing the skin barrier and hydrating her skin first using ceramide balm

Secondly the blackhead; similarly to the enlarged pores; its basically blocked pores that needs clearing. 

For this an AHA or BHA will be beneficial to clean the pores.

I prefer to suggest Mandelic acid as AHA of choice because its the mildest of the AHA, and its suitable for sensitive skin and asian skin as there are lower occurance of dark spots called PIH from this AHA.

And finally retinol; that will increase the skin turn over, exfoliating the skin and stimulate collagen production to make a smoother looking skin. 

So the treatment plan for this patient will be

  1. Ceramide balm at night for 2 weeks with about 2-3L of water during the day to reverse dehydrated skin
  2. Mandelic acid toner at night to clear blocked pores,
  3. Sunscreen in the morning

2 weeks later; 

  1. Ceramide balm 2-3 x a week at night
  2. Mandelic acid toner at night 
  3. Retinol at night,
  4. Sunsvreen in the morning.

If all is well; this patient will notice the difference within 6-7 weeks and full repair within 14-16 weeks

If you need skin consultation such as this: whtsapp us at 0126643817 and ill try to figure out what you can do for your skin.



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