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Can Niacinamide Cause Burning On Skin In Malaysia?

Few days back; when i was chatting with a patient during our skin consultation; i came to realise this patient’s skin was very badly iritated.

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Its like it was all red, very dry, and patient informed me that lately its been burning and very itchy.

I started looking at the skincare products that she used and nothing was out of ordinary. Most were from reputable brands; that were gaining popularity online.

So i went ahead and checked the ingredient list; only to find that each and every product had the same ingredient in it; niacinamide. 

From the toner up to the serum, to moisturiser and even the mist had niacinamide.

Now for those who dont know; niacinamide is a fantastic ingredient that helps improving so many skin related problems from moisturising, to pigmentation and even acne.

Its a no wonder the ingredient is so popular.

Only problem is lately; many skincare product company have started using 10% niacinamide in it.

And i keep on wondering where is the study to back this up;

For moisturising and acne purpose 2% is enough, for lightening; there is a study done up to maks of 5%.

So why 10%? 

Now imagine if someone who is using it in toner, serum, moisturiser, night cream: and all has niacianmide; there is chances of ppl getting ‘niacinamide overdose’! 

Even though niacinamide improves the skin barrier, it is also a keratolytics; whereby it will distrupt the skin barrier when its ‘too much’ 

Plus there are also chances of ‘unused’ niacianmide to convert to nicotinic acid; that causes side effects like redness, flushes, itchiness and so on.

So for that reason;

Please know the ingredients you are using and dont simply buy a skincare because its ‘famous’. Plus being my follower; hopefully with whatever u are learning here you csn apply it in real life. 

If you want to start a skincare regime; do contact me at 0126643817 (whtsapp only) if you are not sure about it:) 

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