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Oily Skin With Blackhead & Big Pores : Treatment Plan In Malaysia

If you are someone who is below 30, with oily skin, big pores and blackhead:

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Than these are the steps you should take to reduce it.
Num 1) we need something to reduce the skin ‘oiliness’ because even though some might like the glow; it is one of the reason for blackheads, pimples etc due to over production of sebum

Heres a study showing one of the best ingredient to be used is from the retinoid group; therefore a cosmetic grade retinol will do just well.

Next; we need something exfoliating to unblock the pores. And this is where ingredients like aha comes in.
This studies show thats using AHA will help in reducing such issue

So whats the treatment plan.

Treatment Plan 

First 2 weeks:


  1. Any *moisturiser/ serum 
  2. Sunscreen 2 finger rule


  1. Mandelic acid toner (soak cotton pad) wipe face after cleansing
  2. Retinol 2 pump 2-3x a week before bed

After 2 weeks 

  1. Change retinol to daily at night.

*moisturiser/ serum suggestion:

1) Rice & Rose HYaluronic acid Serum (hydration)

2) Brightening Moisturiser (lightening)

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