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How My Skin Color Caused My Pigmentation After Acne Scar Treatment

So about a year ago; i had done some acne scar procedure on my face.

It started off with pico laser, followed by TCA cross, CO2 Laser, Q-Switch laser, Subcission, and finally fillers.

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Some worked, but most didnt, basically till today; after spending thousands of ringgit in these procedure; my acne scars is probably only 20-30% ‘cured’.

The cost benefit; definately not worth it. Despite what the doctors shows; the before and after picture; i know that there is not much difference. If you have gone for any of these services before you do realise that most just changes the brightness level in the after picture to show the ‘better effect’ but when i am looking at it under my bathroom light; i know that what i paid wasnt worth it.

So anyways; not only it wasnt worth it; i had to go through pigmentation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation too! 

And this is what got me thinking. Like wth! Ive paid so much; never mind that it didnt work; why is ut worsening my skin? 

Thats when i got to find out about skin types; and how not all skin type can go through the same procedures and treatment. 

So heres how the skin type is and im probably in type 3-4 or maybe 4 i dont know.

And most studies; was done in type 1 & 2. A lot of skincare brands are also catering to those skin type; so what happens to darker skin tone like us then? 🥲

That was a year back and since i really wanted to solve this issue; i started reading more and more clinical trials and finally; i came up with my own brand; the chemist. 

Its a combination of few different products; using all those actives that are suitable for darker skin tone people; especially asians and Malaysians and this is what it is now.

Initially i just made this skincare for me; but since i couldnt purchase the active ingredients in small quantity (coz there is a minimum amount i can but from my supplier) i decided to make in bulk and sell it (preorder).

Turns out the response was great and so i just continue producing it and now; its been in the market for close to a year.

Its not a ‘viral’ brand, infact i dont promote it much too. Only to my fans and followers because we make it in small quantity to ensure the quality is is good and since its made mainly for sensitive skin like mine (i have psoriosis); ive tried to formulate without unnecessary preservative and stabilizer: so we have to make it freshly every week so that when you get it; you have to use it within 6 months.

Besides; i would prefer that you talk to me about your skin condition first before purchasing because you might not need all:)

If you have issues like this and would like to get a free skin consultation; contact us via whatsapp at 0126643817.

Meanwhile tc and i really hope you found this article useful❤️❤️

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