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Which Sunscreen Is The Best In Malaysia

So many of you had messaged me asking about which is the best sunscreen and 

unfortunately; there is no ‘one’ best sunscreen.

Whatever that works for me might not work for you and vice versa

Video if you want to watch instead of read ahead:) 

So for me; just get one that you are comfortable with and use it as instructed

Just one thing; please make sure you use ur susncreen as instructed.

Ive had many people who mentioned they dont use the sunscreen much coz its sticky and when i was like why do you buy it; its coz its viral and many people reccomend it etc; and so they bought it.

Dont do that! 

Find one that is suitable for ur skin and stick to it! U can go to any pharmacies or beauty stores and test the sunscreen out first; and those that you like buy it.

Even if the brand is not ‘famous’ or not influencer suggested or even if its not viral; its ok.

Not every viral products are good. Just make sure that the sunscreen does what it does; that is to protect u from UV rays, and in order to do that; you need to be able to use 2 finger rule (just like the experiment i did on it previously)

Besides that; please buy a brand that you can afford to get every month.

Truthfully a 50ml sunscreen will only last for a month max if you are someone who is using 2 finger rule and reapply mid afternoon. 

There are some cases where coz the sunscreen was ‘expensive’, we wont put the amount needed coz i want to ‘save’ (im guilty for this too). So if thats the case; get a cheaper alternative. 

So the conclusion is; purchase the sunscreen that your skin likes and its according to the budget. And that will be the best sunscreen:) 

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