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SoapLab’s Membership Programme

ntroducing SoapLab's Exclusive Membership Program

Why Join?

If you're a lover of natural products and seek fresh, factory-direct offerings from our GMP Factory in USJ 1 subang; this programme is specially made for you. and the best part: all our products are formulated by pharmacist; perfect for your sensitive skin! 

By joining our programme; you will Enjoy an additional 20% discount on already unbeatable prices!

Who's This For?

If you have any of these; you definately should join us:)

  1. Natural product enthusiasts.
  2. Individuals with sensitive or dry skin.
  3. Those battling eczema, psoriasis, or other skin issues.
  4. Anyone seeking effective products with minimal ingredients.

Your Exclusive Benefits:

  • 20% Off: a flat 20% discount on all SoapLab's readymade products and Chemist Products.

  • 1-Year Validity: Your membership stays active for an entire year.

  • First-Hand Freshness: Our products are crafted freshly in our factory, ensuring you get the best, every time

Why SoapLab’s ReadyMade Product?

When I (Nisha) was working in the government hospital; i realized that the occurrence of skin problem was getting more and more. 

With healthier awareness, and better sanitization than 50 years ago; it just didn’t make sense why people were getting more ‘sick’. Turns out; its because of the products and food we are taking. We wouldn’t want to go into food but if you look at any skincare/ even soap. It’s not just ‘soap’ inside. There is all these other things that’s added to make the soap more long lasting, preserervative, extra bubbles and so on. All these ingredients are iritants. And so it ‘iritates’ the skin; causing more problem. When we started SoapLab; we wanted you (who have the skin problem) to make your own simple product. But probably because of lack of time, and low confidence in making; you dont really make them. Besides that; some of the recipes at SoapLab requires you to make a bigger batch and you are probably not sure how the product is going to be so you dont make it. Due to that; we started SoapLab’s membership programme so that you can enjoy using natural products that are made freshly in our factory at a fraction of its price (100% factory to consumer: no middleman fees💪🏼💪🏼)

Ready to Dive In?

Signing up is simple:

  • Pay the annual membership fee.
  • Receive your unique discount code via WhatsApp within 24 hours.
  • Bonus: Get two products absolutely free upon sign-up!

This fee ensures we maintain a dedicated community of true natural product lovers. Join us in this journey towards pure, effective, and affordable skincare.

How To Use The Code or Make Your First Order?

Checkout this video on step by step how to order and use the code:)

Whtsapp 0126643817 if you need any further assistance.

Join Membership:

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