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Why I Dont Review Sunscreen Anymore

Recently someone commented on how they missed my sunscreen review😂 tq so much for the boost of confidence. 

I started doing sunscreen reviews when i started selling our pogmentation range. Many of our patients didnt know much about the usage of sunscreen and many also wasnt aware of how much to use. 

In order to educate them as well as proving to them how much one should actually use; i decided to get a UV Camera. 

Now those videos to take the experiments were done quite fast; however, it was a waste to just not use the expemsive UV Camera and so i used it for reviewing sunscreen that i was getting from few of my followers. Of course it started with regular sunscreen review that i had but eventually it build up and i have reviewed quite banyak sunscreen. 

Unfortunately; i have sensitive skin and i think i have developed sensitivity to some of the sunscreen ingredients; resulting in my eye having this intense itch everytime i applied a sunscreen (even after removing it). 

I would scratch and scratch and finally it left this dark spot under my eyes. Im still using out TXA serum and the ceramide balm to treat the discoloration and dryness but i think its gona take time. 

Coz of this ‘phobia’ i will not be reviewing sunscreen for a while. I will later on change a bit the whole reviewing concept, but till then: do give me some time.

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