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Is Vitamin C Better? or Tranexamic Acid For Pigmentation & Acne Spots?


If you have seen different type of advices when it comes to using ingredient for your dark spots; then this should be a guide for you.

Both these products works in different pathway.

 One works as anti oxidant that lightens the spots on the surface of your skin (vit c), 

while the other is a tyrosinase inhibitor that reduces melanin production over time.

Melanin is what gives the skin the color; and so if its dikacau; it will produce more melanin causing darkening on the skin (can be whole face or can be some patches only) 

So theoritically; both works in different pathway and so it should be for different problems. 

When you get acne or injured by wound; what happens is your melanin dikacau; causing dark spot in the area its dikacau. 

But there is chances its not gona happen in the same place anymore in the future; so for this reason; we use vit c. Coz u just want to lighten the existing spot only.

 No use using tranexamic acid on tht spot coz even if it reduces the melanin in the future; what you want is to get rid of current spot kan😬 bazir je! 

But if lets say you are older; 35 above; your whole skin already going thru ‘hormonal shift’ and you are more prone to pigmentation; which means chances of dark patch happening in same place is quite possible; and so for this reason we use tranexamic acid for making sure that the melanin is reduced = future pigments are lighter. 

Its more like a prophylaxis. You know🤔

Something in medicine that we always do; giving something so it doesnt happen in the future. 
Similar to if you have allergic to certain food; take anti histamine before the trigger so it doenst happen in the future. Like that. 

The best thing is of course to use both; where vit c will stop current spots, and tranexamic helps in reducing the future one. But not everyone can tolerate that; and so if you have to choose one; hope this helps:) 

P/S; if you are still not sure what to use or just want to talk ti someone about if your skincare will do what its suppose to do etc; whtsapp me at 0126643817 for a chat:) i dont mind sharing what i know:) 


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