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Dandruff Treatment Doesnt Work! Whats The Alternative?

So one of the recent case i had was about a patient who have dandruff for years and been treating it for years using medicated shampoo and yet; its just getting worst.

After getting more info; turns out that the patient actually has scalp psoriosis and not dandruff🥲


Watch video: 

Whats the difference? 

Dandruff is a fungal infection whereby it gives an appearance of white small fine powder like particles that can easily drop on shoulder etc.

Psoriosis on the other hand is more of an auto immune disease whereby you will get white flakes with reddish bottoms. Its stuck to your scalp and memang have to ‘korek’ to get it off and at times its big pieces.

I personally have scalp psoriosis for long and it can be managed.

The treatment for both are also very different. Dandruff; because its fungal infection we usually use anti fungal like ketoconazole shampoo to manage it.

Psoriosis on the other hand is a ‘lifelong’ dosease and so we will have to try to hydrate and moisturise the scalp as often as possible to manage the recurrence of the ‘active’ phase of psoriosis.

What happens if terbalik treatment? 

Now the thing is dandruff happens in ‘wet’ surrounding. Thats why selalunya we see this issue in teenagers sebab sweating kan. and so whatever treatment that we use; will be ‘drying’ to the scalp.

Now if you have psoriosis and mistaken it as  dandruff: there are chances that the drying of scalp might make things worst for psoriosis.

If lets say you have dandruff but you used psoriosis treatments; now these treatments are usually ‘hydrating’ and moisturising. And this will worsen dandruff coz you know; fungus strives on hydrating surrounding.

And so because of that; its best to get your proper diagnosis from a dermatologist. And after that; for management; you could always contact me for more ways to reduce the occurance of psoriosis. 

I hope this helps and if you have any question; do whatsapp me at 0126643817. 

Heres a psoriosis product that you could use if you have it on your body. Worked really well on our psoriosis patients:) but it does stink coz of the pine tar😅

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