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1% Preservative Enough For Handmade Products?

 Is 1% Preservative enough for handmade products? 

Well its not as easy as that. 

Most preservatives have their own standard dosage. Like us we like to use liquid germal plus, phenoxyethanol as our paraben free preservative and we usually use them at 0.5% 

Then there are other preservatives and all of them have got different dosages to be used.

Watch video (in malay) here:

So its best to talk to your supplier and ask them what is the amount / range allowed for the preservative that you are using. 

Also dont forget every preservative have got their pros and cons. Some are activated or deactivated in different pH, some are not compatible with common ingredients like cetyl alcohol, vit c and so on. 

So again its best to study the preservative first before adding it into your formulation. 

Hope this helps:) 


P/S: if you are a newbie; try our readymade bases instead where its already ready, all naturally derived ingredients, all you have to do is add your fav scent, essemtial oil and extracts and you are good to go:) whtsapp us to ask for the list of bases that we have:) : 0126643817

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