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Do we need to add goats milk to soap base?


So recently we got a question regarding soaplab’s soapbase. 

We have many soapbases and one of it is Goat’s Milk SoapBase. This soap bases are all made in our factory ij USJ 1 and we are mainly using the cold process method to make these soap bases.

Now because its made from scratch, we could make bases with milk, with butters and so on. Not just regular transparent and white soap bases.

So this question was for goats milk soap base. If you purchased SoapLab’s goats milk soap base; you dont need to add any more goats milk into it.

We have made sure that the amount added is more than enough to give whatever effect goats milk suppose to give on your skin:) 

All you need to do is cut and use as is, or if you wanted to add scents/ essential oils/ extracts, you can melt and add them in. 

I hope this answers some of your questions and if lets say you have any other enquiry, do whtsapp us at 0126642817. 

Video Explaination:

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