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Ramblings; From Pharmacist to Entrepreuner to Housewife?

Ive seen so many mimes about women entrepreneurs wanting to be housewives so i wanna share my feelings too

When i started my career my 20’s; im a pharmacist. my 30’s im an entrepreneur, and now that im in my 40’s; i too ‘feel’ like being a housewife; the ones with cleaners and cooks🫣

Few times i wanted to take this ‘break’ where i could just stay at home and just sleep.

I was even praying for chickenpox or covid just to do that: and so when my knee surgery came up; i jumped into that as soon as i could.

Only to go ‘back to work’ 2 hours after the surgery 😓

And no; its not that i have not delegated my job, its not that i don’t have staff etc; infact i have the best team one can ask for.

Its just my ‘brains’. It just cant stop😩 

When i was working in the hospital; all i can think about is how to improve the way of work to help more people.

when i got into the busienss; how to maximize time and efficiency of the business. 

For 10 yrs ive been doing that and i can actually take a ‘break’. Its not like i have a ‘boss’ to report to. 

But i just cant🥹 the mind just doesnt switch off.

And when i finally ‘stepped’ into the role of ‘semi housewife’ (these past 3 months coz of the surgery); a diff problem arises; kids homework ok ke? The food im feeding the family nutritious enough tak? Am i doing enough for my ‘healing’? All these questions non stop.

Kesimpulannya: the grass is always greener. Whether its wearing labcoat, business suit or apron; all we want is just peace and ‘quiet’. Not frm ppl around us; but inside. 

We are trying to fit into many roles; something that was never done before by the generation before and we are starting to burn out. (I know i am) 

Do you feel the same? Especially if you have worked for 15-20 years? 

How do you destress? Share a bit? 

As for me; i used to go for long quiet walk in the park (tapi coz of my leg i cant even do that😩) 

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