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Oily skin = Pimples, but dry skin = fine lines and wrinkles!


One of the questions that i always ask people when they come in for skin consultation is their skin type. Wether is oily or dry. 

And a lot will say its combination; and when further enquiry is made: mostly have dry skin. Especially those who are 37-38 yrs old above.

When i further check their current products they are using; most of their moisturiser is ‘oil free’. Which ill then ask further: why: and most will say dont want oily coz scared pimples.

But at the same time; their current concern is fine lines and wrinkles (which at tht age is usually coz of dehydrated dry skin!) 

So heres something incase you dont already know; 

For years now since our teenage years we hv this ‘thing’ in us feeling that our oily face is why our pimples comes; but its not really true. 

Oil is not equivalent to acne. Blocked pores is. And your pores are not usually blocked by oils frm ur skincare (some does but if you use non comedogenic oil it wont). 

So if you have oily skin; try to opt for skincare that uses oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, rose hip oil (like SoapLab’s Soy Face Oil) because they are lighter oil that are absorbed fast and doesnt block pores.

But if you have dry skin; go for non comedogenic oils that are thicker, something like mango butter, shea butter, castor oil, olive oil and so on. 

These dont block pores but because of the nature where its thicker; it will stay on ur skin longer for a prolonged moisturising effect (like our B3 ceramide balm).

Wether you are DIYing, or looking for skincare thats readymade; its important to determine what kind of skin you have; and go from there.

Dont just buy a product coz its viral. Something that works for the influencer might not work for you:) 

So if you want to know whats the best for you; dm us for free skin consultation. 

If you wanted to diy; whtsapp us for free recipes:) 

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