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Why Some Products Dont Work? Active Ingredients Matters💪🏼

Why some products just doesnt work? 


so Im doing this free consultation for general skin issues like pigmentation, acne, eczema etc; and many when i talk to them about what they are using; they will say that they are already using so and so product for years but nothing is happening..

And i would usually ask them for screen shot of what they are using; only to go thru the ingredients to see that there is no active ingredient in it or if got also its very little (low dose that doesnt do what its suppose to do) 

Please know this: whats written on the ‘front’ is not the same as whats actually in it.

Did you know that even having a little of some ingredient in it you can claim its in there as ‘marketing’? 

Means that if lets say a product is a retinol product; even if they put like 0.01% in it; they can call it as retinol serum/ oil etc. When in actual truth you need at least 0.5%-2% for it to work! 

So thats how most mass products are made; they just claim its in it as marketing; but in real life it wont work😩

Im not saying all are like that; but in majority thats how it is in skincare because 

1) its expensive to produce products with optimal active ingredients in it

2) it will give side effect so proper monitoring is needed (but u knw when jual in kedai/ online: how to monitor the customers’ response? so better put sikit so no side effect. Tapi at the same time no effect also🙄) 

So kesimpulannya; make sure to read your ingredients list before buying something. Be an informed buyer. And if u are not sure wether useful or not, just dm me with ur ingredient snap shot and for what purpose you are using the product. Lets see if we can figure out together gether:) 



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