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Help Us Reduce Factory Waste: Pet Shampoo


So we just did production for some pet product and we have a lot of extras in our factory. 

A boo boo happened where our client ordered a huge amount but some of their packaging that they supplied was ‘rejected’. You know like printing lari la, kemek la etc. 

And so coz of that; we didnt fill this pet shampoo into it. To wait for new packaging is gona take sometime (and product might expire), and so after getting green light from our client to sell bulk; we are now selling it to you guys at rock bottom factory price just to reduce loss.

This pet shampoo is made by using a lot of extracts (mainly herbs and chamomile) where it was made specifically for sensitive skin pet (but that doesnt mean normal dogs and cats cant use). 

To make it different from the client; we have modified it slighly to include different scent. 

The scents we have is:


👉🏼tea tree oil (for antibacterial effect) 

👉🏼citronella (for fleas and mites) 

👉🏼Watermelon (just for fun) 

This formulation is mild enough that if you are someone who mandikan ur pets everyday; this is the best for you, its sulphate and silicon free. 

Made fully using naturally derived ingredinets. The only not so natural thing here is preservative and scent (so its 99% naturally derived) 

Those interested here is the price:

200ml : RM 9.90

1kg : RM 39.60

5kg: RM 118.80

While stock lasts. Purchase here👇🏼

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