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What To Do If Have Dark Armpit?


So heres one of the commonly asked question; that you have dark armpit and you are not sure what to do aboit it.

Most of the time; the dark armpit happens over time due to usage of ‘wrong’ deodorant. 

Many deodorant; especially the natural ones have higer pH (sometimes due to the sodium bicarbonate in it). 

This causes the pH to be higher; where it iritates the skin = causing darkening over time

Besides that; commercial deodorants contains alcohol as solvent whereby its usually added so that the product evaporates fast. This is one of the desirable effect when using deo (people wnat it to get dry fast) but since its usually alcohol; it tends to dry the skin; causing it to darken over time.

So what to do? 

Watch this video to find out more

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