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Why Natural Deodorant Feels Warm When Applied?

 Ever since we released soaplab’s deodorant about 3-4 yrs ago; some of you have encountered this ‘warm’ sensation immediately after using it. 

For someone who have not used natural deodorant before, or the ones who are used to the ‘cooling’ feel from the commercial ones might mistake this as allergic reaction.

Actually its not. You see most commercial deo uses alcohol as their solvent, and so when it touches the skin and evaporates; it gives a cooling effect (and also drying. Thats y many have dark armpitšŸ˜©)

As for ours; we yse propylene glycol (naturally derived) and glycerin as solvent instead. So what it does is it will attract water from surrounding causing an exothermic reaction = heating sensation. 

It only happens for few seconds; and after that it will go off. 

Watch video: 

So dont worry; its not allergic reaction; its just humectants doing its job:) 

P/S: if you wanted to create your own brand deodorant; contact us for our minimum moq OEM services/ you can DIY too:) 


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